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Advent of X 86 processors family

  • Oct 27 / 2008
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Advent of X 86 processors family

Along with advancement in various fields of IT and information systems. Hardware has also under gone major changes in last few years. Along with updates of going on advancements, it is also important to have knowledge about the revolution from its early days. Here i have summarized the X-86 family which is now being replaced by members of X-64.

X-86 processors emerged in late 70’s.

The first member of this family came as Intel 8086 processor. Intel 8086 was introduced in 1978 and Intel 8086 was a 16 bit processor.

Intel 8086 was followed by Intel 80186 and Intel 80286 processors of X86 family. Both Intel 80186 and Intel 80286 were 16-bit. However with some sophisticated technology at that time Intel 80286 was able to access up to 16 MB of RAM.

Intel 80386 processor was introduced in 1986, and is considered as third generation of X86 chips. Intel 80386 was also known as Intel i386. Intel 80386 introduced 32-bit processing capabilities. Intel 80386 also had virtual memory architecture and it made possible to access up to 4 GB of RAM.

It took 8 years to switch from 16-bit architecture to 32-bit architecture. But to turn on to 64-bit architecture from 32-bit architecture took 20 years. In 2006 64-bit processors began to replace the 32-bit architectures.

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