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  • Dec 14 / 2011
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SQL Server editions and Windows platform

Each of SQL Server release like SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 is further categorized in editions based on their features and capabilities. For example, edition of a specific release may be any of following

  • Data center edition
  • Enterprise edition
  • Standard edition
  • Developer edition
  • Express edition
  • Apart from these there may be some other editions like run time edition or web edition. Some editions like Data center edition or enterprise edition can only be installed on Server OS while others may be installed on both server or client OS.
    For windows platform the term Server OS refers to different editions of

  • Windows server 2000
  • Windows server 2003
  • Windows server 2008
  • Windows server 2008 R2
  • While for windows platform, client OS would be any edition of following

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows vista
  • Windows 7
  • So while installing any SQL Server version, do consult the requirements related to OS.

    • Dec 10 / 2011
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    Major types of SQL Server files

    SQL Server databases have three types of files:

    Primary data files

    Primary data file is the starting point of the database. It points towards other files in the database. Every database has one primary data file. Recommended file extension for primary data file is .mdf.

    Secondary data files

    All data files other than the primary data file in a database are secondary data files. These are optional and may be added for further requirements. Recommended extension for secondary data files is .ndf.

    Log files

    Transaction log files hold all the log information used to recover the database and individual transactions.  At least one log file is required for each database. Recovery models of the database affect the growth of log files. Recommended extension for log files is .ldf.
    It is notable that SQL Server does not enforce the recommended extensions, but for proper and standard environment these should not be changed.

    • May 14 / 2010
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    At what time my windows server was started

    I was curious to know that how much time has passed since my Windows Server is running. I found nice command to know the start time of Windows server along with other server statistics. Open command prompt and enter following command

    net statistics server

    As a result some information would be generated. First line contains name of Windows Server and second line contains the time when Windows Server was started as marked in image below.

    When my windows server was started

    This command may be used to get information about windows client OS like XP, Vista. In that case it is more useful to use

    net statistics workstation

    • Apr 29 / 2010
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    DBA Interview questions, dbDigger

    SQL Server 2005 Express edition maximum RAM utilization

    While going through ‘Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for dummies’, it was a bit confusing for me to read that SQL Server 2005 express edition is capable of utilizing just 1GB of RAM. I have snapped the view from pdf version of the book.

    SQL Server 2005 express edition maximum RAM

    After little Googling it is confirmed in BOL that SQL server 2005 express edition has no limit for maximum RAM. It would use as much as RAM available by OS.

    SQL Server 2005 express edition maximum RAM in BOL

    So here ‘SQL Server 2005 for dummies’ have created some confusion by mentioning the limitation in their table 1-3. Also i confirmed BOL statement by right clicking on express instance in SSMS. And it showed as much RAM as available by OS. Let me also clarify that mentioned limit of 3GB RAM for workgroup edition is also not right. It also carries maximum RAM available by OS.

    • Jan 07 / 2010
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    DBA Interview questions, dbDigger

    DAC in SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

    By default does SQL Server 2005 Express allow Dedicated Administrator Connections (DAC)?

    Answer: Yes, if started with trace flag 7806

    Explanation: SQL Server 2005 Express Edition does not listen on the DAC port by default. If it is started with trace flag 7806, then DAC connections can be made.


    On which port can you make a Dedicated Administrator Connection (DAC)?

    Answer: Dynamically assigned

    Explanation: The DAC port is dynamically assigned when the instance starts and listed in the SQL Server error log. By default it tries for 1434, but it is possible that this port is already in use. The message will be something like:

    Dedicated admin connection support was established for listening locally on port 1977.

    Note: The question of day is taken from SqlServerCentral.com. I want to compile selected QOD to share.

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