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  • May 24 / 2017
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DBA Special events, SQL PASS

SQL PASS Lahore chapter conference May 2017

SQL PASS Lahore chapter conference was held today. It is second conference for this chapter since Aug 2016. There was good number of attendees with mid to senior level DBA experience. There were total four presentations including me. I spoke on Learning paths and Career strategy for SQL Server DBAs.

Session was great and got good response from attendees. You can get my presentation from here. I welcome every one for discussion or feedback on presented item.

SQL PASS Lahore chapter conference May 2017

  • Jan 29 / 2014
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Turn your self from DBA to a community DBA

Often i notice that many skilled and seasoned DBA lack a guide line to share their knowledge with the online DBA community. By using the several free services, tools and plugins it is now very easy to access the knowledge base of your interest and also to share your knowledge with the whole community.
I am utilizing the community aspects of DBA since 2008 and found it a very valuable feature for every IT professional. So i arranged webinar in my organization (Systems Ltd) to motivate and guide my fellow DBAs and Developers towards a path where they start utilizing the community content as well as actively add their own efforts towards the community through blogs, articles, webcasts, presentations and webinars etc.
Due to my own background my presentation was slightly inclined to SQL Server DBAs but i made sure that it should be general enough to be adoptable by all DBAs and Devs. Today the webinar went quite successful. DBAs and Devs across various Systems Ltd offices participated and showed their eagerness towards all the points mentioned in the webinar.
Click here to download the presentation.

  • Jan 26 / 2012
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DBA Special events, DBA thoughts, dbDigger

Analyzing the 2011 and further for 2012


Today while going through my blog posts i noticed a post on Jan 01 2011 about my goals in new year. It caught my attention and i compared the then defined goals with achievements in year 2011. Other main goals were achieved up to mark except articles and activities on Islamabad SQL Server Users Group.
I was not able to concentrate on these two goals. So while planning my goals for 2012 articles authorship and activation of IsbSSUsers would be on priority.
Further for 2012

  • I am looking to get admission in MS program
  • Continue the SQL Server coaching programs that i got involved in Dec 2011
  • Would also look for opportunities in BI

I am optimistic about opportunities and ideas this year.

  • Jan 01 / 2011
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DBA Special events, DBA thoughts, dbDigger

2011 a new year with new professional goals

DBDIgger 2011 challenges and ambitions

First day of new year 2011. A brand new year is here with challenges, opportunities and ambitions. This year i am looking forward to go further with SQL Server. My plan is to

  • Write articles and blog posts
  • Organize the Islamabad SQL Server Users Group
  • Learn and improve skills related to powershell, CLR, security and permissions
  • Improve web development skills
  • Go further with SQL Server Reporting Services
  • May 20 / 2009
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DBA Special events, DBA thoughts, dbDigger

Stepped out of shadows on May 20 a year ago

Today is first birthday of my SQL Server blog. I started DBDigger blog with aim to manage and share my SQL Server knowledge base. Blogging provided me a chance to excel my expression power and to be a helpful member of SQL Server community. I am happy that in its infant stage with about 400 posts DBDigger tends to help an average of 50 visitors daily. Also I would like to thank Google for their best free blog related services on blogspot.

  • Mar 31 / 2009
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DBA Special events, dbDigger, Technical Reviews by Atif Shehzad

Technical Review of Learning SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services

Some days back i completed the Technical Review of the book titled Learning SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services. The book has been published now. I have got its copies and no doubt printing quality and formatting is as much elegant as its high standard technical content. It is a step by step guide to learn SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services written by Jayaram Krishnaswamy and published by PACKT Publications.
One of main qualities of book is its several hands on equipped with required screen shots. It is a good choice to go on with SSRS 2008
“Learning SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services” on PACKT site

DBA Atif Shehzad Review of SSSRS Book Title Page


SQL Server DBA Atif Shehzad Technical Review SSRS Book Credits


SQL DBA Atif Shehzad Technical review SSRS About The Reviewer

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