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  • Jan 29 / 2014
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Turn your self from DBA to a community DBA

Often i notice that many skilled and seasoned DBA lack a guide line to share their knowledge with the online DBA community. By using the several free services, tools and plugins it is now very easy to access the knowledge base of your interest and also to share your knowledge with the whole community.
I am utilizing the community aspects of DBA since 2008 and found it a very valuable feature for every IT professional. So i arranged webinar in my organization (Systems Ltd) to motivate and guide my fellow DBAs and Developers towards a path where they start utilizing the community content as well as actively add their own efforts towards the community through blogs, articles, webcasts, presentations and webinars etc.
Due to my own background my presentation was slightly inclined to SQL Server DBAs but i made sure that it should be general enough to be adoptable by all DBAs and Devs. Today the webinar went quite successful. DBAs and Devs across various Systems Ltd offices participated and showed their eagerness towards all the points mentioned in the webinar.
Click here to download the presentation.

  • Jan 26 / 2012
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DBA Special events, DBA thoughts, dbDigger

Analyzing the 2011 and further for 2012


Today while going through my blog posts i noticed a post on Jan 01 2011 about my goals in new year. It caught my attention and i compared the then defined goals with achievements in year 2011. Other main goals were achieved up to mark except articles and activities on Islamabad SQL Server Users Group.
I was not able to concentrate on these two goals. So while planning my goals for 2012 articles authorship and activation of IsbSSUsers would be on priority.
Further for 2012

  • I am looking to get admission in MS program
  • Continue the SQL Server coaching programs that i got involved in Dec 2011
  • Would also look for opportunities in BI

I am optimistic about opportunities and ideas this year.

  • Jan 01 / 2011
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DBA Special events, DBA thoughts, dbDigger

2011 a new year with new professional goals

DBDIgger 2011 challenges and ambitions

First day of new year 2011. A brand new year is here with challenges, opportunities and ambitions. This year i am looking forward to go further with SQL Server. My plan is to

  • Write articles and blog posts
  • Organize the Islamabad SQL Server Users Group
  • Learn and improve skills related to powershell, CLR, security and permissions
  • Improve web development skills
  • Go further with SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Nov 23 / 2009
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An option that i miss in SQL Srever Management Studio (SSMS)

I am a fan of SSMS as DBA operations interface. It was first provided with SQL Server 2005 and onwards. It efficiently replaced its predecessors management tools like enterprise manager and query analyzer.
Often i miss ‘copy name’ option for objects like table, view, UDF and procedures. I suggest that there should be an option available through right click, that may copy object name. e.g if you are required to use a lengthy name of a table/sp, then just right click on object and clicking on ‘copy name’ , you would have object name on clip board.
I Think it would be a good option and would make the life a bit easy.

Copy Name option in SSMS

  • Jun 30 / 2009
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How to better use social networks

It is debatable issue that use of social networks like face book, orkut, twitter, linkedin etc is beneficial or it is just waste of time and mind. I am using face book, twitter and linkedIn and found these useful for promoting my profile, publications and also to be in touch with many of my friends. While using any technology product you must be choosy, else you are going to be indulge in non related features and hence proving the product non beneficial.
So it is required to be selective and have some goals in mind while using social networks. Goals may be some or many depending upon your interests.

Social networking

  • Jun 10 / 2009
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Microsoft Certifications

Certifications are important for your skill, vision and profile. In every field of IT technologies are changing rapidly and skills are required to be updated every day. To cope with such challenges certifications play an important role. One may join some classes for preparation on go on with self training. Several interactive help material is available for solo training. In both ways purpose should be to improve the vision and skill rather than to just get a tag of certification for your profile. Certifications are some what costly and those who get certifications expenses by their organizations are lucky enough. So while evaluating any company for your next job, you may consider this aspect that either they offer certifications or not. Here is a useful link for list of Microsoft certifications by name

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