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  • Dec 14 / 2010
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Set up halts when trying to install SQL Server 2008 R2

Recently i have installed SQL Server 2011 (Denali) on Windows Server 2008. I had previously SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 instances already installed on same windows. Denali was successfully installed and now three versions were working fine.
During test process of one of my articles for MSSQLTips.com, i uninstalled SQL Server 2008 instance and again tried to install it.

After confirmation of existence of required components and selection of required SQL Server features, set up got hanged without any progress or message. I waited for some time and also tried to prioritize the set up process through task manager but all in vain.
So as a final solution i uninstalled Denali and installed SQL Server 2008 without any problem.

  • Dec 08 / 2010
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dbDigger, DENALI Technology Preview

Trying to install and configure SQL Server CTP 1 (Denali)

I downloaded the CTP 1 for Denali as soon as it was announced. And also blogged about download resources and new features. When i extracted the package and tried to run setup, it produced following error on Windows Server 2003.

Denali error on Windows Server 2003

As a result i followed the provided link on message box. This page provides rich information about OS and components requirements for Denali installation.
After going through the page i came to know that Denali CTP1 would not run on Windows Server 2003. There are many other requirements but primarily i have to configure a windows server 2008 platform for installation of Denali CTP1.

  • Nov 11 / 2010
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SQL Server 2011 code-named “Denali” CTP1 (Downloads and resources)

Microsoft has launched Community Technology Preview (CTP1) of SQL Server 2011 code-named “Denali”. On download page i have noticed few of its new features, like

  • “Always On” support by using multi-site clustering and the new availability group option
  • Column-Based Query Accelerator for increased performance
  • New server level roles
  • Distributed replay for simplified testing
  • Increased capabilities for FileStream and Full-Text Search, 2D spatial support and FileTable
  • Unified environment for SQL Server development, Declarative Database Definition, Dynamically Edit Existing Databases, Round-Trip Code Refactoring, and Targeted Database Deployment
  • In-memory column store technology for increased analytic performance
  • Data Quality Services for knowledge-driven data cleansing and Impact Analysis and Lineage for Enterprise data integration management

Click here to visit download page where you can also find additional resources, BOL and installation requirements for Denali.

SQL Server 2011 Denali-CTP1

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