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  • Jan 29 / 2014
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Turn your self from DBA to a community DBA

Often i notice that many skilled and seasoned DBA lack a guide line to share their knowledge with the online DBA community. By using the several free services, tools and plugins it is now very easy to access the knowledge base of your interest and also to share your knowledge with the whole community.
I am utilizing the community aspects of DBA since 2008 and found it a very valuable feature for every IT professional. So i arranged webinar in my organization (Systems Ltd) to motivate and guide my fellow DBAs and Developers towards a path where they start utilizing the community content as well as actively add their own efforts towards the community through blogs, articles, webcasts, presentations and webinars etc.
Due to my own background my presentation was slightly inclined to SQL Server DBAs but i made sure that it should be general enough to be adoptable by all DBAs and Devs. Today the webinar went quite successful. DBAs and Devs across various Systems Ltd offices participated and showed their eagerness towards all the points mentioned in the webinar.
Click here to download the presentation.

  • Aug 01 / 2011
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Qualify for a hard copy or eBook of SQL Azure
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Qualify for a hard copy or eBook of SQL Azure

Jayaram Krishnaswamy (mysorian) is a renowned consultant, trainer and technical writer. He has wide range of technical interests and achievements. Also he is recognized among SQL Server community for his quality content contribution related to various SQL Server technologies.
I came to know about a raffle for his new book on SQL Azure. It is a good chance to get a hard copy or EBook of SQL Server Azure. Just send an email to mysorian@gmail.com with ‘SQL Azure’ in the subject line of your email.
I have send an EMail from my side to apply for it.

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