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  • Feb 21 / 2012
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Not able to connect SQL Server 2008 on network

Recently i deployed SQL Server 2008 along with SP3 on Windows Server 2008 R2. All installation and later configuration were managed through Remote Desktop. Later while trying to connect the instance on LAN from my desktop PC i got following error message

Not able to connect SQL Server 2008 on network

The generated error message is related to network access of instance. Back through remote desktop, first of all i checked for firewall issues but every thing was fine for that. Then after little exploration of SQL Server configuration manager i observed that TCP is disabled. I enabled the TCP in configuration manager as shown in snap

Enable TCP IP in SQL Server configuration Manager

A warning box appeared suggesting the SQL Server service restart for changes to take effect.

SQL Server Service restart required after enabing TCP IP

I restarted the service from configuration manager and again tried login from desktop PC on LAN. This time login was successful without any error message.
So make sure to enable TCP-IP for accessing the SQL Server 2008 instance on LAN. TCP-IP is by default disabled in SQL Server 2008 installation.

  • Feb 10 / 2009
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How to Restart SQL Server instance (SQL Srever service) through SQL Server management Studio (SSMS)

Microsoft has introduced SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) with SQL Server 2005 release. It is now a favorite tool of SQL Server DBAs. Most of new DBAs and students that are new to SQL Server feel a bit confusion to adopt various facilities for tasks provided in SSMS. I have sketched a step by step configuration for some basic tasks through SSMS.
In this post we will see how to Restart SQL Server instance (SQL Srever engine service) through SQL Server management Studio(SSMS). Follow these steps in your SSMS

Re Start SQL Server instance

Click start button and SQL Server instance will restart.

  • Nov 27 / 2008
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Purpose of SQL Server browser in SQL Server 2008


Which of the following does the SQL Server Browser Service help with in SQL Server 2008? (Select all that apply)


  • Listing available instances
  • Connecting to a particular instance
  • Connecting with the DAC

The SQL Server browser service helps to direct traffic among various instances on a server and enables you to connect to the names of instances instead of the IP and port.

Ref: SQL Server Browser Service –

Note: The Question is taken from SQLServercentral.com.

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