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Code names of Microsoft SQL Server family

  • Sep 27 / 2008
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Code names of Microsoft SQL Server family

I have noted that at many places SQL Servers are referred with their code name rather than their version. Code names are awarded while a product is in process before launching to market. Microsoft usually does not announce a final name until shortly before the product is publicly available. So it is good to share here a list of code names awarded to SQL Server family by Microsoft.
Known as SQL Server 6.0. It was the first version of Microsoft SQL Server that was designed for Windows NT

Known as SQL Server Enterprise Manager. Management tool, included in SQL Server 6.0 – SQL Server 2000

Known as SQL Server 6.5. It is same as Terminal Services, Terminal Server

Known as SQL Server 7.0.

Known as SQL Server 7.0 OLAP Services. It was (later called Analysis Services, in SQL Server 2000

Known as SQL Server 2000 (32-bit). It is version 8.0

Known as SQL Server 2000 (64-bit). It is version 8.0, Intel Itanium based system only

Known as SQL Server Reporting Services.

Known as SQL Server 2005. It is version 9.0

Known as SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition.

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Known as SQL Server 2008. It is Version 10

Known as SQL Report Designer 2.0. This is the stand alone release of the tool for SQL Server Reporting Services.

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