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Difference between .RDL and .RDLC

  • Nov 28 / 2008
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Difference between .RDL and .RDLC

Reports that you create in SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (saved as .rdl files) can be converted to the client report definition (.rdlc) file format used by the ReportViewer controls. This is called an RDL-to-RDLC conversion.
Reports that you create for ReportViewer controls (saved as .rdlc files) can be converted to the report definition (.rdl) file format used in SQL Server Reporting Services. This is called an RDLC-to-RDL conversion.
.RDL files are for Reporting Services and the .RDLC files are for the VS.NET ReportViewer Component. The “C” in .RDLC simply stands for Client and that is the main difference.
The .RDLC files do not store any query specific information (or in other words, how to get your data).

  • Anonymous

    but i m now confused when should i use rdl or rdlc for better performance

  • Atif Shehzad

    According to my perception rdlc can have better performance than rdl. This perceptions is based on facts that server trips are saved and if client specs are better then better performance may be achieved by processing at client side.

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