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Different kinds of SQL Server DBAs with different responsibilities

  • Oct 27 / 2008
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Different kinds of SQL Server DBAs with different responsibilities

Depending upon company environment and size a SQL Server Database Administrator (DBA) may have single or multiple types of roles/duties. A SQL Server DBA may have a very specific duty for a very large database or set of databases. Or SQL Server DBA may have a variety of duties in his organization covering the responsibilities of system administrator and database developers also. Following is a list of major kinds of SQL Server Database Administrators

  • Production DBA
  • Development DBA
  • Architect DBA

Basic duties of a SQL Server DBA

In any organization Database Administrator (DBA) has a long list of important duties and tasks to be performed. Following is a summarized list of duties and tasks for SQL Server Database Administrator (DBA).

  • Installation and Configuration

o OS installation
o SQL Server installation
o Patches and service packs installation
o RAID configuration
o Memory configuration

  • Security

o User Accounts
o User permissions
o Server security
o Security auditing

  • Operations

o Backup and restore
o Change management

  • Service Levels


  • System Monitoring


  • Performance Tuning


  • Routine Maintenance

o Index rebuilds
o Compressing data files
o Updating statistics
o Database consistency checks

  • Disaster Recovery

o Clustering
o Log shipping
o Database mirroring
o Replication

  • Planning and scheduling downtime


  • Capacity Planning


  • Documentation

o Configuration documentation
o Design documents
o Operational information

  • Development and design

o Database design
o Data modeling
o Procedure and SSIS development
+ Extract
+ Transform
+ Load

  • Scalability


  • Replication

SQL Server DBA Responsibilities

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