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Dimensional database VS multidimensional database

  • Nov 12 / 2008
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Dimensional database VS multidimensional database

Unlike the SQL Server database engine, which supports OLTP as well as data warehousing, Analysis Services supports online analytical processing (OLAP), which is designed to quickly process analytical queries. Data in an OLAP database is stored in multidimensional cubes of aggregated data, unlike the typical table/column model found in relational and dimensional databases.

OLAP technologies are usually built with dimensionally modelled data warehouses in mind, although products such as SQL Server Analysis Services SSAS can access data directly from relational database. However, it is generally recommended to use a warehouse to support more efficient queries, properly cleanse the data, ensure data integrity and consistency, and support historical data. The data warehouse also acts as a checkpoint (not unlike a staging database!) for troubleshooting data extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) operations and for auditing the data.

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