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Error message while using PowerShell in scheduled job

  • Aug 27 / 2013
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Error message while using PowerShell in scheduled job

I was required to call PowerShell script from SQL Server scheduled job. Following was the command to access and run the PS script saved on disk.
powershell -command “& ‘D:PscriptsTransfer.ps1’ ”

This command syntax may be saved in batch file or directly run from cmd. However surprisingly i was facing following error message in job history. It is notable that job status was successful however error messages were logged there in job history.

A job step received an error at line 1 in a PowerShell script. The corresponding line is ‘powershell -command “&’%'”‘. Correct the script and reschedule the job. The error information returned by PowerShell is:

Apparently it was pointing towards syntax used in the command however i did not find any issue in the command. It was working fine outside the SQL Server scheduled job environment. Also i did not get any help through googling. However i analyzed the issue in terms of permissions that we mostly face in scheduled job environment.

So first step was to create a proxy account. I will cover the topic of creating proxy account for SQL Server agent job in a separate post. After creating the proxy account i used it in scheduled job and ran the job to test.
The idea worked and job executed successfully.
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