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How to allow shut down of Srever without login

  • Apr 27 / 2009
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dbDigger, System Administration

How to allow shut down of Srever without login

By default Windows Server family does not allow shut down unless you are logged In. It is suitable for servers to control shut down access. I also use Windows Server 2003 on my PC. And often i am required to keep my PC on while other users are connected to it for some reason. So i log off from windows and keep my PC on. I require a way so that any one may shut down my PC with Windows Server 2003, without being logged on. To enable shut down option without being logged on

  • Type ‘control admintools’ commad in run box and click OK

Access Admin Tools through Run Box

You will get Administrative Tools in a window before you.

  • Click ‘Local Security Policy’
  • ‘Local Security Settings’ will be displayed in Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
  • Click ‘security options’ folder in left panel
  • You will get a list of security options in right panel of MMC
  • Click ‘Shutdown: Allow system to be shutdown without having to log on’
  • Set the option enable and click OK

Enable option to shut down PC without log in

Now you may shut down your PC with Windows Server OS, without a need to log on. However i would suggest that do not enable this option without explicit requirement.

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