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Interupting WAIT FOR in T-SQL

  • Jan 07 / 2010
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Interupting WAIT FOR in T-SQL


Which of the following items can be used to end a WAITFOR statement in SQL Server 2005?


  • specific time
  • An elapsed period of time
  • A message in a Service Broker queue
  • A timeout

Explanation: All of these can actually end a WAITFOR statement. You can pick a particular time or an amount of time that elapses in the statement. You can also specify that the WAITFOR ends when a message is received in a Service Broker queue, or a timeout passes in waiting for that message.

Note: The question of day is taken from SqlServerCentral.com. I want to compile selected QOD to share.

  • Anonymous

    Please clarify that from which version of SQL Server "WAIT FOR" is included onwards?

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