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Restrict logon for a SQL Server login through all but one IP

  • Feb 16 / 2012
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Restrict logon for a SQL Server login through all but one IP

In a previous article i discussed that how to restrict SQL Server login to connect from out side the application. Logon trigger was utilize to achieve this task. The puprose behind it was to make sure that permission rich logins used in application should not be allowed to access SQL Server by any way other than managed application code.
However it is possible that any one may use that login through application for unit testing or to execute ad-hoc code from inside the application code. I was asked to also restrict such access that is adhoc or for unit testing from developers desktops. So the requirement is that login used in application could only access SQL Server after fulfilling two conditions

  1. Login is requesting to connect from inside the application code
  2. Login is requesting from no where else but web server (application server)

My previous article covers the first requirement but it lacks to check the second requirement. Following code (modified version of previous article) would make sure to check both the conditions prior to granting login access

In this way the login used for application is restricted to access only from web server through application code only.

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