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  • Oct 02 / 2017
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Exec vs Sp_ExecuteSQL for dynamic SQL execution

Exec and sp_executeSQL both are used for executing the dynamic sql statements. There are some differences between the both


Exec is available since early versions before the sp_executesql. It has no direct support of using or storing the local variables. Also using Exec makes the setup vulnerable to sql injection attacks as parameters appear as part of code.


sp_executesql is improved way to execute dynamic sql statements. It provides mechanism to use and store values in local variables. This mechanism is not vulnerable to sql injection as variables do not appear as part of code but as an operand. Also it enables the sql engine to use the cached execution plan of the statement like a stored procedure.


sp_executesql has upper hand as compared to exec method of executing dynamic sql. Keeping in view the flexibility, efficiency and security of sp_executesql we should opt it for executing dynamic SQL.

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