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  • Aug 31 / 2017
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T-SQL Scripts, Table Partitioning

Verify next month partitions in all databases

I have databases with partitioned tables in some databases. I occasionally had to verify that next month partition is there in each database. It required to check in each database one by one. To improve the process i created a script that parses the databases with partitioned tables one by one and checks either partition for next month data is there or not.


My created script is specific to scenario and following are the specifications

  1. All partitioned tables in a DB are created on a single partition scheme. Hence there is only one partition scheme and partition function in a DB.
  2. Partitions are created with one month span. i.e. Each partition has one month data.
  3. Partitions are created with right boundary (less than)
  4.  Script checks either partition for next months data is added or not



Output will be in following format.

Verify next month partitions in all databases


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