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Use DiskPart utility for disk operations in Windows

  • Dec 05 / 2011
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Use DiskPart utility for disk operations in Windows

After running FDisk utility on my laptop. I created a primary partition for windows 7 installation with intention to configure extended partition later along with logical drives on it. After completing the Windows 7 installation, i opened disk management snapin.
It was a bit confusing when i found no option to create extended partition for unused disk space. I was only able to create simple volumes configured all in primary partition.


After some research i came to know that Windows 7 uses a command line utility ‘DiskPart’ for disk operations with full access. It has more operational capabilities than that of commonly used disk management snapin. It can format, create/delete partitions, etc. DiskPart is also available in Windows 2000 and XP. It should be considered that disk management snapin lacks some operations on disk to avoid any data loss. However DiskPart provides full access for any operation without any prevention from data loss. So while using DiskPart utility extreme care is required.

How to Open

Open cmd, write diskpart and press Enter. Else directly enter DiskPart in run box or search box of windows. DiskPart console would be opened.

Using DiskPart for disk operations

How to operate

DiskPart is a powerful tool and can be operated through few simple commands on console. First of all have a clear idea of what to do. Then get its commands by entering ? on diskpart console. Full list of commands would be available along with short description. Also consider online product help for any guide line. For operations select the target disk. Simple type select disk 0 (as in my case it was disk no 0) and press enter. Disk number may be get from disk management snapin.

Select disk in DiskPart utility

Creating extended partition through DiskPart

In my case i was only required to create logical partitions of all available disk space other than primary partition. I typed create partition extended and entered. Size parameter may be provided, here it converted all available space to a extended partition.

Going Back to Disk Management Snapin

Further operations of creating logical drives may be performed in disk management snapin. So to be on safe side i used disk management snapin for creating logical drives and my disk was ready to be used.

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