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Where are fixed roles for SQLAgent?

  • Aug 19 / 2009
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Where are fixed roles for SQLAgent?

While working in configuration of users and SQL Agent jobs, i was required to make one of my users, member of following fixed database roles.

  • SQLAgentUserRole
  • SQLAgentReaderRole
  • SQLAgentOperatorRole

These are fixed database roles and would be found only in msdb database. Although these fixed database roles work in server context rather than a database context but do not look for these s in fixed server roles. You may find these as fixed database roles of msdb database. Just right click user in users folder under security folder of server and go to properties

Where are fixed roles for SQLAgent

User should be mapped to msdb database and then make it member of required fixed database roles in msdb.
No user is member of these fixed database roles by default. To read further about capabilities of these fixed database roles, visit BOL.

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